NetGalley Co-Op

NetGalley helps connect readers of influence to Authors who write in the genres they read.

RABT Book Tours & PR runs a NetGalley co-op in which we can allow authors to take advantage of NetGalley for a month without the steep price tag.

Slots open for novels in June-August! 

$50 Per title
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NetGalley will also soon be added to our larger FULL Scale Book Promotion plans, be on the lookout for that! 

Currently booking June-August slots! 
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    What is NetGalley?
    NetGalley is for people who recommend books. A subscription with NetGalley provides a higher level of engagement and discoverability between readers and clients' books. NetGalley’s Readers are comprised of reviewers, media professionals, educators, librarians, and booksellers.
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    Who will read my Novel?
    Readers request a copy of the title. We can accept or decline based on whatever criteria we set. Readers also are able to set up a profile, and we can use that to determine whether we okay them or not. Your novel will be sent out only to those who fit your genre specifications.
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    Will the Reviews be cross-posted to Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Goodreads, etc.?
    Cross-posting a review is not a mandatory thing for NetGalley reviewers, however you will see posts from a lot of them on other sites.
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    Will there be negative reviews?
    Just like with all reviews, they are all subjective and depend entirely on the person reviewing them. We can not guarantee only positive reviews.
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    When will my novel be run on NetGalley?
    The $50 fee will get you a 1-month listing on Netgalley. The month chosen will be determined upon booking.
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    Can I buy more than one slot for my other novels?
    Of course, you are not limited to listing only one title.
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    What Info do I need to publish via NetGalley?
    Title, Series Name, Author Name, Publisher, Publication Date, Retail Price, Edition Type, etc. You MUST have a unique 13-digit number (ISBN). You can acquire one via Smashwords or come up with one of your own.
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    Does my Title have to be New?
    No, Netgalley is not limited to new or titles that are not yet release. You can do this with a title that is already out or has been for a while.