Review Service

Tired of Cold-Emailing bloggers and reviewers? RABT Book Tours will set up Query to reviewers in your Genre. 
$ 85
Schedule Your Review Service
  1. Contact
    We will contact at least 100 reviewers in your genre.
  2. Review Listing
    Used to potentially gain reviews on Amazon, Goodreads, book blogs and social media.
  3. Distribution
    We will send out electronic review copies of an author’s book in a way safe from internet pirating.
  4. Targeted
    We also use a targeted list to gain reviewers who have reviewed novels similar to yours.
  5. Follow-Up
    We will follow up with those who have agreed to review your novel at several stages once we have sent the novel to ensure reviews are posted.
  6. Reviews
    5-10 Amazon Reviews guaranteed Goodreads and B&N optional *Reviews are not instant gratification, most reviewers will take at least 4 weeks to read and review once they have agreed and this does not count the time we spend contacting reviewers.

Contact at least 100 Reviewers within the first 1-3 weeks.
​ A good thing to keep in mind is that it will be at least 6-8 weeks before these start to post. You have to add the 4-6 week read time to the time we have contacting reviewers.
*One thing to note is that these Amazon reviews are not considered paid for. 
We are not paying any reviewer for their review. We are distributing the copy to enough reviewers that we can expect cross posting for at least this number of them, and following up when necessary. *