Review Only Services
We understand sometimes you are looking soley for Reviews for your novel.
We have a couple of options that could work for you.

Detailed Review Service / NetGalley Information

We have received many questions about these services so we wanted to make sure we shed a little more light on them and the differences/perks to each one! 

NetGalley - $50

NetGalley is a great tool that many Authors/Publishers/Publicists use to find Reviewers for novels. NetGalley's database is enormous and it is a great way to feature your novel to MANY reviewers in your genre at once! The downfall is that the price tag for a single author listing is $399 for 6-Months to $599 a Year, much more than many Self-Published Authors can afford. 

We have a Co-Op that allows many authors to feature their title each month at a discounted Rate of only $50 for a single month.

NetGalley is available along with several of our other services as well:

You can get a Free Month Listing with either our Marketing Blitz or Full Scale Marketing Plans. 

View these PR Services HERE

You can also have your title featured in a floating slot for 1-2 weeks when using our Review Service.

The addition of NetGalley to our Services is new and if you booked one of those services before this week, we can not guarantee the NetGalley Slot. Any of the above Booked August 7th and Beyond will include NetGalley.

More info on NetGalley along with FAQ's can be found HERE

Review Service - $85

The Review Service will combine multiple tactics in finding reviewers and not just relying on one.

We use a Targeted List of Reviewers who have reviewed similar titles to yours, we send out an invite to our reviewers in our own host list, we submit requests to goodreads and reader groups, plus your title is featured in a floating NetGalley slot.

This runs longer than a month, typically ranging from 8-10 weeks.

Find out more about the Review Service Here