RABT Book Tours & PR Reviewer Program and Rewards

Why should you join the RABT Book Tours and PR Reviewer Program?

Do you love to read books and share your reviews? Do you love to discover new authors?

Don't have a blog but still want to review books? RABT Book Tours and PR would love for you to join our Reviewer Program!

What is the RABT Book Tours and PR Reviewer Program?

One of the biggest challenges an author faces is getting more reviews on Retail sites. This is the number one question we get asked by all authors we help promote. Clearly, the RABT Book Tours and PR Reviewer Program is a win win for both the author and the reviewer. The author gets a book review on retail sites and the reviewer gets to read a book for free. 

Who can join the RABT Book Tours and PR Reviewer Program?

First of all, you do not need a book blog to join! RABT Book Tours and PR is looking for avid readers who love to share their reviews on Amazon after they have read a book. You must have an account with a retail seller and able to post reviews there to be eligible for this program. Please note that is not a typical blog tour and does not require you to post on a specific date. All we ask is that you post a review within 4-6 weeks.

How does the Reviewer Program work?

1) RABT Book Tours and PR will send out emails when books are in need of reviewing. If you chose to review, the author will gift you a Kindle copy of the book. Gifting via Amazon is our main method of distribution as it is the one way Amazon allows review copies to be given for reviews. 

2) As a reviewer you must post your review within 4-6 weeks of receiving the book. Your review does not have to be long. We do ask that you leave between 100-150 words. That way you can express your honest opinion of the book.

3) Once you have submitted your review, you submit your link to us to let us know you reviewed and send us your link. The form you submit through will keep a running tally of how many reviews you submit. Once you hit 10 reviews, you cash in!

That's It! You do not have to post the review on any social media platform or your blog.  These reviews will not be associated with promotion of any kind (as is against Amazon policy). We are mainly becoming the middle man and connecting Authors with Reviewers who genuinely want to review their novel, cutting down on the Cold-Emailing they have to do. Perks are due to participation as a whole in our company and not as Paid Compensation for reviews individually.  Similar to our Monthly Host Tour and Blitz Giveaways! 

Reviewer Program Perks:

Every time you submit a link to the novel you reviewed on Amazon for us, you will get credit for a Review. Once you hit 10 reviews, you will automatically get a $5 Amazon Gift Card from us! But that’s not all. Avid participants in our Review Program will have the ability to cash in for more. If you review more than 25 novels in a 6 month period with us, you will get an additional $10 Amazon Gift Card as a Bonus!

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Thank you for reviewing and for taking the time to read and review a novel for us. We sincerely appreciate you taking the time to leave your honest review on Amazon and other sites.

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